Dazzling Wendy is a naturally submissive girl who likes to explore astrology. She also enjoys cooking. She believes that the way to truly get to know somebody is to cook for them.

“I love cooking for someone, especially someone I am dating,” she explains. “I think it’s really a window into their soul for a couple of different reasons. I mean, first off, when you cook for someone, you’re getting a chance to show them you have skills. Men love it when a woman knows how to do something other than talk or sleep or whatever. Men admire women with talents. They love women with great bodies, too, but that’s beside the point when it comes to cooking. Cooking and cooking well can make any woman look beautiful. But there’s also the fact that you’re giving your man a chance to criticize you. How he responds to your cooking can tell you a lot about him, too. If he is very critical and you did a good job, then you know he’s hard to please. If he is too easy on you and you did a bad job, then you know he might not be honest enough. It’s a whole continuum of things you might learn.”

When it comes to being naturally submissive, Wendy is very honest. “It’s not that I consider myself some kind of pushover,” she says. “Being submissive doesn’t mean you’ll just put up with anything. I’m a grown woman and I have ideas about how I should be treated and how much respect I deserve. But when it comes to relationships, I also think there are power dynamics. Everybody has a power dynamic with somebody they are with. And you have them in other parts of your life too. Like at work, you have a power dynamic with your coworkers, and that isn’t just the people who are your bosses or the ones you supervise. I think in a relationship, there is always somebody who takes cues from the other person, and there is someone who gives those cues. There is someone who takes charge.”

Wendy explains that her naturally submissive side takes a back seat to her job as a Washington, DC escort, though, in that she knows it’s her job to make sure her clients’ dates go well. “I know that if something isn’t right, it’s my job, not his, to take charge and fix it,” she says. “That’s just part of my job. I’m a professional entertainer and I take what I do very seriously. When it comes to my personal life, though, I do have my own preferences. I like a man who knows when to take charge. But beyond that, I like a man who knows what he wants. There’s something really sexy about a guy who just takes what he wants and goes for it. When I can be with someone like that, who tells me what he expects and who lets me know what he’s looking for, that just brings out the best in me. I really like that kind of dynamic. To me, that’s when things are the most fun they can be. That’s when they are the most enjoyable.

Astrology is something Wendy considers a hobby and nothing more. “I don’t obey it religiously,” she says. “I mean, how could you? You can’t really take your horoscope too seriously because that gets silly pretty fast. But I do think that the idea is kind of neat. The idea that the stars, the way the planets, the way this clockwork universe operates, might have something to tell each and every one of its discrete parts. I mean, how cool is that? Nobody likes to think of themselves as a tiny cog in a great big machine, but what if the machine itself is just a tiny part in a bunch of other, greater machines? When you start thinking like that, it’s not much of a leap away from thinking about the entire universe as one great big clockwork mystery, some huge puzzle that goes on and on forever. As weird as it sounds, I kind of draw comfort in that. I kind of think that’s how it is.”