Pretty little Steph is a party girl with an attitude who believes her superpower is her ability to listen. She thinks men today don’t get enough respect and she tries to correct that whenever she is out with a man.

“I can’t tell you how many men just seem amazed to be with someone who treats them right,” Steph explains. “It helps that I have this rockin little body that they all want to get close to. I can’t help how I look, and I know that there are plenty of beautiful women out there. It’s rare, though, to find a woman who really understands what it takes to treat her man properly. I think that part of the reason it’s so unusual to be nice to a man is that we teach young women in our country to be so cruel and nasty. We are raising generations of entitled, ungrateful, nasty little shrews who think they can just criticize all the time and somehow the men around them are going to flock to them for the glorious privilege of getting into their pants. It just doesn’t work that way. That’s why an escort service like ours is so popular. Men who want quality feminine companionship are figuring out they can hire us, do it on their time and on their schedule, and never have to put up with the BS that is dating one of these entitled little monsters we call women these days.”

Steph goes on, “Take the average guy. He goes through his life getting blamed for everything. Feminists claim society is a patriarchy and that he’s somehow oppressing them. His boss probably treats him like garbage and, in today’s economy, he can’t switch jobs because there’s nothing to switch to and nobody’s hiring. He goes home and his wife or girlfriend greets him at the door, not with a smile, but with complaint after complaint, demanding that he fix things. And then she gets mad at him when he isn’t also the director of entertainment for their relationship. Maybe he just wants to take a nap or stay home this weekend after a long hard week. Maybe he just wants to drink with his buddies. But she’s after him to go to yard sales or antique shows or to weddings of people he doesn’t know and doesn’t care about, and he never gets any peace and quiet. His needs are never put first. No matter how much time and work he puts in, he’s greeted with abuse and unpleasantness.”

Steph continues, “I think that is such a waste. If you’re nice to a man, there’s nothing he won’t do for you. If you’re a sexy girl and you treat your man like he’s a king, you’ll build his confidence and he’ll be so grateful for that, and so greedy for how you make him feel, that he’ll bend over backwards to please you. If you back off a bit and show him you’re not trying to control him, the reward to you will be immediate. Women today don’t seem to get that the way to get what they want, which is a romantic, fun, attentive guy, is to be romantic, fun, and attentive! You get what you give, and yet they think by being critical, controlling, and spending all their time complaining, somehow they’re going to achieve the happiness they’ve never had otherwise.”

It is this lack of happiness that motivates too many women today, Steph adds. “In a material sense, people have more today than they’ve ever had before,” Steph says, “but they are the least happy they’ve ever been. Just look at the nonsense we all complain about. It’s kind of atrocious, really, the things we spend time whining over, when we could be doing much better if we’d all just be nicer to one another. I think that’s probably the greatest crime of love, life, and relationships,” she says. “That we go through life wanting one thing but acting in a way that guarantees we won’t get it. It’s like we’re all determined to work against our own interests. It’s a real shame. That’s why I spread love and happiness wherever I go.”