Exquisite Marya is a self-described party girl who loves to spend time in hot tubs, pools, and at the beach when she can. She believes in never letting an opportunity pass her by.

“I’m a party girl at heart, that’s true,” Marya says. “I love that my job involves getting to party and have fun all of the time. I know that it’s not for everybody. In fact, I’ve had friends in the industry who started with me, but they didn’t stick around. The first few days, it was all good. We were all just laughing it up, going out, partying every night and every day, meeting new and interesting people and just living the life. I remember in those days I could hardly believe that this was going to be my life, having fun every day with new people. And it just keeps going. At first you’re not certain if there’s ever going to be a time when you don’t want to party. But then you start to get tired and you think, ‘Maybe I’ve made a mistake.’ So you either get your second wind or you leave the business, because a girl who can’t give it her all every day just can’t make it. No client wants a girl who’s all turned out and seems exhausted. That’s just the reality of working as a Washington, DC escort.”

Marya goes on, “When my friends started to leave the business, I had to give it some thought too. I had to ask myself if I could see myself doing this for a while. I mean, every girl knows she’s only got so much time as a DC escort before the younger, prettier girls have to move in and take her place. You can keep your looks for only so long before it’s time to find something else to do. But I realized that not only was I a very attractive woman and going to stay that way for a good long while, but that I really enjoyed the work. I couldn’t imagine going back to something more ‘normal,’ where I’m not meeting new people every day and getting to know them. Plus I think it’s great for your femininity to do a job like this. People talk about ‘feminism.’ They don’t have any idea until they’ve worked as an escort.”

Marya explains, “People talk about feminism as if it’s all about making women more powerful, but really, from what I can see, it’s about hating men. I think it’s pretty easy to blame men for what women don’t have, and it’s stupid to do so. You’re a woman, for crying out loud. You have all the power in the world. Every man desires a beautiful woman and he doesn’t care what other qualities she has. He doesn’t care if she has power. He doesn’t care if she has money. He doesn’t even actually care if she’s intelligent, as long as she is beautiful. That seems pretty equal opportunity to me. Feminism, then, is really more about helping ugly girls get ahead by hurting men. I don’t see the world that way. My job empowers my femininity by helping me focus on being sexy and desirable.”

Going on, Marya says, “When your job is to be sexy, you have to be in touch with your feminine side. You are this wonderful, beautiful, sexy girl, and your livelihood revolves around that. So you take good care of yourself. You take an interest in how you look, how you smell, and whether you are desirable. There are women who let themselves go because they don’t have a need to keep after those qualities every day. I think that’s what sets us apart as escorts, and makes us a threat to amateur women. We are professionals at being women. We are devastatingly sexy because we have to be. Ordinary people can’t keep up because they don’t have the same things driving them. They don’t have a reason to stay sexy every day. An escort does.”

That’s why, Marya concludes, she loves to go hot-tubbing. “When I’m surrounded by hot water and I’m just luxuriating naked or close to naked, that’s when I’m my sexiest.”