Beautiful Karly is a bisexual who enjoys running to stay in shape. She is a naturally dominant girl who likes to eat out in fine restaurants and who is very proud of her body.

“I think being bisexual is just the best of all possible worlds,” Karly explains. “I know there are some girls who kind of play it up because they think it answers a guy’s fantasies ,you know, the whole ‘I also like to make out with hot girls’ thing. But really, I just enjoy sex. The more people I can have it with, the more I can enjoy myself, the happier I am. I can’t imagine ever giving up men. Men are so strong, and I love the feeling of a man’s strong arms wrapped around me, or his hands on my body and sliding all over my skin. I just can’t get enough of that kind of thing. But women offer their own benefits. There are things about women that are just really special, things you can’t get from a man.”

Pressed for more information, Karly explains that a beautiful woman is something all men and women should be able to appreciate. “I look at a hot girl and I immediately appreciate her,” she says. “When I see a woman who looks good, who takes care of her body, especially if she’s dressed in something really hot, I’ve got respect for that. She’s got the same qualities I want. She’s got it together and she’s got it goin on. I see a hot girl and I start to think what it would be like to be with her. How would her soft, supple lips feel against mine? How would her body feel under my hands? How would her breath taste when our mouths are just fractions of an inch apart, our lips brushing together in what I can only describe as one of the most sensuous experiences two adults can have?”

Karly has plenty to say about staying in shape, too. “I think you have to be fit and you have to stay toned and taut to make it in this business,” she says. “Men don’t want a woman who lets herself go. It isn’t enough to have a pretty face, or to be blessed with what God gave you. You’ve got to work on it to stay as sexy as you need to be to really give a client his money’s worth. We’re being paid to share our presence with our clients. The sexier we are, the more powerful and valuable that presence is, and the better we make the client look when we’re seen with him. I really enjoy my job. I love being able to have so much fun and make the men I go out with look like high rollers. But it all starts with looking good and staying toned.”

Running has always been Karly’s preferred method of staying in shape. She explains, “They call it a runner’s high, that feeling you get when you’re kind of intoxicated on your own body’s endorphins. How awesome is that, that you can get high on just working out, on just exercising? When you make exercise and moving your body a priority in your life, it doesn’t just help you. You come to crave it. The more you want, the more you get. When I run, I just lose myself in the experience. It’s as close to Zen as I think anybody gets. When you’re running and you stop thinking about what you see, the scenery, the weather, the exercise, and you just kind of start existing. You’re totally in the moment when that happens. That’s Zen right there. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Karly explains that her naturally dominant personality means she knows what she wants. “I like a guy who also knows what he wants,” she says, “and I’m happy to help him get it. That’s why this job is so much fun. When a guy has secret desires, I like to pry those from him. And then I forget them and he doesn’t have to worry that I’ll ever repeat them. But while we are together… he can enjoy himself like never before.”