Fascinating Jet is a former gymnast who loves extreme sports and watching mixed martial arts. She is also into anything that goes fast, especially motorcycles.

“Something about speed has always fascinated me,” Jet admits. “I love that feeling of power between my legs. I think that’s why I like motorcycles so much. I climb on and I’ve got this throbbing machine between my legs that just has endless power. It can go so fast it could kill me if I let it. Most people are never directly connected to that kind of power. Sure, we ride on and in automobiles all the time, but unless you’re behind the wheel of a Ferrari or something, you’re not going to feel real power. But then, that’s why muscle cars and exotic sports cars are so much fun. You get in them and the engine growls and roars and just pushes you to the limit. That’s the most fun you can have that isn’t sex. That’s the merger of man and machine. Or woman and machine, I guess. I love that kind of thing. I love to have fun. And I like turtles. I added that last part to see if you were paying attention.”

Her life as a former gymnast often comes up in Jet’s meetings with new clients, who are always curious as to her background and the reason for her superb body. “There’s a reason we admire gymnasts,” she says, “and it has a lot less to do with their skills, which are considerable, than it has to do with how incredible their bodies look. Think about what comes to your mind when you picture a gymnast. You think of their incredible thighs, their rear ends, their taut stomachs. You’re picturing a woman who is exceptionally fit and toned. That’s sexy. Men love that. People do all this whining about how ‘curves’ are beautiful, as if fat woman are beautiful too even though they’re lazy and don’t work out. That’s nonsense. No man wants a fat woman no matter how ‘curvy’ she is. Men desire a fit woman. They want a sculpted, toned body. They love women who take care of themselves. That is what is sexy.”

Jet explains that the flexibility of being a gymnast is something she’s very grateful for. “When you start early on working your range of motion and you become more flexible,” she says, “it serves you for the rest of your life. You go through life much more comfortable in your skin and in your body’s structure. Older people lose flexibility, and a very inflexible person has trouble just going through the mechanics of living his or her life. I don’t intend for that to be my life. I don’t want to lose range of motion as I get older. I want to be as comfortable and effective then as I am now. Putting in the time now to take care of my beautiful body is all part of the process.”

It is this love of her own body that drives Jet to enjoy mixed martial arts and other extreme competitive sports. “When I watch mixed martial arts especially, I get so turned on,” she admits. “You have these two warriors, these two gladiators, both in top shape physically, their bodies crashing together as they fight each other for dominance. There are rules to mixed martial arts these days. I like watching them, because these guys are such superb athletes. But I also like watching recordings of the older matches, back when there were fewer rules and guys really had no idea what they were doing. You had these incredible spectacles back then, before the sport was firmly defined. Nobody had any idea what was going on. You’d get these bizarre match ups where one guy was obviously the better fighter but had no idea how to finish the other one. It was glorious.”

Jet also enjoys any sport that includes an element of risk. This includes things like bungee jumping. “I love that feeling of just throwing your body off into space,” she says. “It’s the closest any of us will ever really get to the moments before the end of it all.”