Elegant Jeni is into roleplay and lingerie. She is an amateur photographer who also likes to go camping.

“When I go camping,” Jeni explains, “it’s more than just getting back to nature for me. I really like to get out there and reconnect with nature, sure. I know there are plenty of girls who feel that way, people who get kind of tired of the artificial, plastic world we spend all our time in. None of us really wants to be disconnected from our roots, but that’s kind of how we are. We’re just these motes of dust that move from place to place staring at our phones. Do our lives having meaning? Probably not in any sense that would comfort us. But why worry about that? Why let the way life works get you down? I’ve never seen any point in thinking that way. To me, down that road lies negativity, and I refuse to do that.”

Instead, Jeni uses going camping as a way not just to get away from everything, but to reset and center her emotional state. “Too few of us know what it’s like to really disconnect,” she explains. “No matter where you go, your phone, your tablet, your computer, whatever, it’s always following you. They’ve done studies that show we’re more connected to work than ever before because of these devices. We can’t ever truly escape so we never really get a chance to disconnect. There was a time when people could regularly get away to places where there were no phones, and there, they could just relax and not be reached. Now, we’re reachable no matter where we go, and that’s been true since pagers became common.”

Jeni goes on, “When I get out there into the wilderness, I don’t even bring my phone. I want to know that I’m somewhere that there is no way for a signal to get to me. I don’t want anyone reaching me. I don’t want any calls, I don’t want any emails. I just want to be completely alone with my thoughts. That’s how I find my emotional center again. That’s how I reset my mind. If more of us took the time to truly get that kind of healthy reset, we’d probably be more relaxed.”

Another big part of emotional centering, Jeni explains, is getting enough rest. “I am a big believer in naps,” she says. “I love to strip down to my underwear and half a shirt and just lie in bed for hours at a time. To me, getting enough rest is the best way you can treat your body right. And a well-rested body is a good looking body. You have more energy for exercising, for toning yourself. Plus they have done studies that show that the more you rest, the better your brain works. When we sleep, the process of sleeping actually cleans our brains of the gunk that builds up during the day. That’s why you get mentally foggy when you don’t sleep. You’ve got to have that time to rest, to give your brain a chance to recover from the day. So I sleep whenever I can. And I love to look sexy whenever I’m lying in bed. It’s just something I really like to do.”

Roleplay is another thing that Jeni likes, and it is during roleplay that she indulges her love of lingerie. “When I get the chance to dress up in sexy costumes,” she says, “I always do. I adore the chance to pretend to be someone else. And if I can do that and be sexy at the same time, and live out some of my fantasies while helping my partner to live out his, then I love that even more. I think we all have sexy fantasies that we don’t talk about. Getting a man to share his is always something I enjoy doing. It’s not just that I like that he was willing to share his innermost desires with me. It’s also that I think getting to indulge your fantasies is the most fun any of us has. I like to be the one to make that happen whenever it’s at all possible.”