Graceful Diane is a sophisticated woman who prides herself on being able to blend into any situation. She does nude yoga and aerobics to stay in shape.

“The best part about meeting new people as part of my job as a DC escort,” she explains, “is the variety of places we go, and the number of different things that we do. Some of my clients want to do the traditional dinner, drinks, and dancing routine, and I love doing those things, so I’m always happy for a night like that. But some of my other clients want something a little out of the ordinary. They want to see new things, or explore parts of this incredible town that they haven’t seen before. As a professional entertainer, I’m always happy to help my clients do something new. That’s one of the real pleasures of this job, is getting to explore, and getting paid for it in the bargain. How awesome is that? I think everybody deserves a departure from the ordinary sometimes. That’s just what makes life fun, the variety that is available.”

Diane goes on, “I pride myself on being able to switch gears no matter what my client needs. Let’s say he wants to take me as his date to some casual occasion, like a family get together. He doesn’t want to be hassled by his family about when he’s going to settle down and find somebody, and he wants to make a good show of things for his male relatives, because it won’t hurt for them to be amazed by how sexy I am. So he brings me along. There are a lot of ways things could go wrong if I didn’t know how to handle myself in a casual situation like that, but I can and I do, so there are no problems. That’s the professionalism he’s paying for when he books a DC escort, absolutely.”

Diane continues, “Then again, maybe what my client is looking for is discreet female companionship for a formal occasion, like a business meeting. He needs a lovely piece of eye candy on his arm, but he needs me to stay out of the way, not make waves, and just be a charming piece of the background. I can do that too, and I’m very good at picking up on what I should be doing in any given social or business situation. That’s what escorts do, after all. That’s why we’re paid to be who we are. I can make you look good no matter what. I can be the person you need me to be, definitely, and I will always make you look better than you would without me. I love impressing people on your behalf.”

Staying in shape, Diane explains, is how she maintains her value. “Being hot is the greatest contribution any woman can make to the world,” she says. “I know, our society sells you this whole song and dance about how we’re supposed to be career women too. But let’s be honest. What does the world want? What gets attention? Hot women get attention. It doesn’t matter how intelligent or talented a woman is. If she’s hot, she gets more attention than if she isn’t. A woman can be a moron but if she’s very sexy, she’ll be famous and people will listen to her opinion. Isn’t getting listened to the key to making change in the world? I think it is. So I know that you need to be sexy no matter what.”

“I love doing yoga,” Diane says, “because it helps me to get in touch with my body. It isn’t just good for your core and your flexibility. It’s also a way to slowly get to know you, to get intimate with every part of you. That’s why it’s best to do yoga in the nude. You don’t want to do it in some kind of fancy workout outfit, no matter how cute the outfit. You want to be completely naked, getting in touch with yourself and what it’s like to move your muscles, move your limbs, just be you as you stretch and tone and work out. That, to me, is a workout.”