Wonderful Destiny calls herself a “tomboy” despite the pictures you see here. She loves to get dirty while four-wheeling and engaging in other active pursuits. She likes to play tennis and believes if you exercise enough, you can do almost anything you like, no matter how indulgent.

“You could call me a messy, sloppy girl,” says Destiny. “I like to get down and dirty. It doesn’t matter what it is. I like mud wrestling. I like to watch it, and I like to do it. I think all men like a girl who enjoys getting dirty. And that’s not just a metaphor. Why do you think women, ordinary women, are so threatened by women who do porn, and by their men watching porn. Stop and think about that for a minute.”

Destiny goes on, “Say you’re a woman in a relationship. You come home and you find your guy watching porn. A lot of girls are just so stupid about things like that. They get all bent out of shape and they act like they came home to find their man with a prostitute. I got news for you, honey. He’s looking at porn because all guys like to look at women, but he isn’t out having an affair even though that’s a heck of a lot more fun than staring at a computer screen. He’s being faithful to you, and you’re punishing him for it, even though his biology and everything built into him is screaming that he should look at other pretty girls and want to bed them. How stupid are you, to try and force him to be something he can never be? Down that road lies only frustration.”

“If, on the other hand,” Destiny says, “you embrace your guy’s nature, think of the fun the two of you can have. You come home and you find your guy watching porn. Well, now’s your chance to find out what he really likes. Now’s your chance to get to know him. You smile at him, you tell him it’s okay, and you ask if you can watch with him. You get close to him, unbutton your shirt and unzip your pants, and you tell him you want to know what turns him on. What guy isn’t going to remember an experience like that for the rest of his life? It works when you’re out on the town, too.”

Destiny explains, “There isn’t a guy in the world who hasn’t gotten a dirty look from his girl because he looked at another attractive woman. But all he’s doing is looking, ladies. He’s wired to appreciate it, and when guys look at you while you’re walking down the street, they’re appreciating you, too. When you see a hot girl, nudge your guy and point her out to him. Say something like, ‘Isn’t she hot? She’s so hot she makes me think naughty thoughts about getting you home and into bed.’ Hell, you could even fish for a compliment and say, ‘I hope you think I’m that hot, but even if you don’t, when you get me home you know I’m a sure thing.’ That way you can have fun with it.”

“I guarantee,” Destiny says, “that a guy who is going out with a girl who would treat him that way will be telling his friends how incredibly cool you are. And you’ll come off looking confident and secure in yourself, which is not a bad thing. Women need to understand that men are simple creatures who will gladly make you happy in return if you just show them love and kindness. Sometimes that kindness requires patience. That’s just the way of the world. If you invest the time and energy in the proper care and feeding of your man, it will end up making you a much cooler girl in his eyes, and the two of you will both have a lot more fun. That fun will extend to when it’s sexy time, sure, but it’s your whole life. It’s everything you do.”

“I love my job as an escort,” Destiny concludes, “because it gives me the chance to put these concepts into action. I love what I do.”